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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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it may be december - but fog** blanketed the areaea today - and tonight - cutting visibility - - and now - heavy* rain - could be next - for a very - wet** sunday . .marissa scott joins us with a
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monday marks the third anniversary of the sandy hook elementary mass shooting. shooting.some in the corridor - are making sure - no - one forgets - the enty six victims - - most of
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fox 28 news - reporter - steffi - lee is here - - with the story of gun control advocates - and how they hohored - those - killed. today's event is one of many across the country to remember these victims.students from cedar rapids metro high school partnered with iowans for gun safety as they tried to make sense of this tragedy - and spark action. action. "we've come together today to remember the horror and slaughter of 20 children and six adults."it was a somber moment on the steps of the
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rapids... "it is honestly such a shame that families have to go through another christmas, another new years, without their children..."where it was like time stood still... still... "josephine gay age 7,7, dylan hockley age six, madeline hsu, age 6."for the twenty six gunned down behind the walls of sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut three years ago. ago. "noah pozner, age 6. caroline previdi, age six. jessica rekos, age six."these are yoyr local gun control advocates standing in solidarity with cedar rapids metro highghtudents. students. "it's not just wanting to stop gun violence, but supporting the victims and the families of the victims." saturday afternoon - all they used was one microphone and one color - to ask for an end to gun violence. violence. "fronovember ninth to december 8th, there were 25 instances of mass shootings." shootings." "we tend to focus on the big events - colorado springs, san bernardino or newtown, but in this past month, there have been many mass shootings across the country."students say hearing about newtown again - "honestly scared that one day i'm going to be walking to school or something and that i'm going to get shot for no apparent reason."so to them - it's about honoring with action. action. "rest in peace to the sandy hook angels. charlotte bacon was six years old and wanted to be a veterinarian. on the last day she would ever attend school, she wore a new pink dress and her favorite pair of boots." in connecticut - where the shooting happened - governor
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announced his plans to sign an executive ooer banning anyone on a terrorism watch list from buying guns in his state. steffi lee, fox 28 news. in iowa city - members of the group - moms* demand action - for gun sense in america - also remembered the tragedy. tragedy.they honored both the victims - and survivors - of the sandy - hook - shooting.they say communities don't need another momeme of silence - - instead they want action.moms say - - the march - indicates - they won't* give up in the fight. "we feel this violence is senseless, and we also think it's preventable. and so we're here to show that we're committed to ending gun violence together. " "the group wore the color r orange.they say it's the color hunters wear to stay safe in the woods and fields - and that it represents the value of human life. in cedar falls, a man is in jail, accused of rrbing a grocery store and assaulting a police officer. officer.police say around 6:15 this morning, 33-year-old
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hyhyee store on university avenue.they say he hurt two people inside the store, and then took off. one officer says myers was then spotted, trying to break into a locked police carar the officer tried to stop him, but says myers rushed - and assaulted him. police say they had to use a taser to get myers under control. the officer injured was taken to the hospital, but should be ok, along with the two others in the store. in paris - - there is an historic** agreement - as nearly two* hundred nations - approved the first - global* pact - to fight - climate change. change.the paris agreement calls on the world to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution.brian webb has the latest. latest. after 10 days of talks, nearly 200 countries agreed to fight global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.they pledged to switch from burning oil, coal and gas to clean and renewable energy sources like solar power, for decades to come.
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demonstrates solidarity. it is ambitious flexible credible and doable."it calls for the global average temperature rise to be held to less than two-degrees celsius-- that's three-point-six degrees fahrenheit. and even lower if possible.$100 billion will be given from rich countries to poor countries to help them move away from fossil fuels.'s a victery for all of the planet and future gegerations."protests popped up under the eiffel tower after the agreement, arguing the pact doesn't go far enough. others believe it will restrict the u-s and other countries too much. a handful of nations, including nicaragua have not submitted emissionontargets. we cacaot be complacement a&.the problem is not solved because of this accord.the agreement sends a stroro message to the global economy to move investments and
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that was brian webb reporting. the deal still needs to be ratified by y individual governments *before it takes effect. eastern iowa - will see a lot of bernie sanders - this weekend. weekend.he kicked off a two-day visit - in anamosa. that's where he spoke at a forum - on racial justice - and prison reform.sanders also planned a town* hall meeting - in's part of a huge push by ssders - as hillary clinton - leads in the polls.part of hisispeech today - focused on fears being tied to muslims and terrorism. "they're trying to get the american people to hate someone because of their religion and because of their country of birth that is disgusting that is unacceptable and as a nation we must protect it.." it.."tomorrow morning - sanders will be in waterloo - at mount carmel - baptist church.then at cornell college - in the afternoon.
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//meananile, this was the scene at a rally for donald trump earlier today in south carolina.protesters there had to be escorted out -- after creating quite a bit of noise before trump's began speaking. trump then got onstage and used the rally to slam president obama on his use of executive ororders. " i would be getting rid of a lot of them very quickly in the first hour. one of them would be immigration, he signed an executive order where pple can just pour in." in."the latest des moines register -- bloomberg politics poll, now shows texas senator ted cruz leading here in iowa, ahead of donald trump by ten points. in coralville, coralville,a busy stretch of fifth street is now back open tonight. this morning, city engineers removed the barriers between first avenue and tenth avenue. this means coralville transit will resume service along the stretch--although previous
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enues have been consolidated into a new stop at eighth avenue.the construction included moving utility lines underground, making sidewalks wider and inststling stormwater planters to improve water quality. the hawkeyes - - may be on the side- lines until - the rose** bowl.but today - fans gathered in tiffin - to watch the army - navy - game - over on cbs-2..parents of have childrden in `the military - watched - at throttle**'s a long - running g competition on the field - - but military families - say they always support each other. "going to the navel acadamy is not college, and i'm sure its true with the army too, so you need a group that understands that, and help you through it just as the cadets, and midshipmen are helping themselves through it too" the group met t for the first time last year - and decided to make it a regular - event. with the warm temperatures you would think golf season is
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forever.but, it's, golfers booked their final tee times at jones golf course. it's thehelast of the municipal courses in cedar rapids to close for the season. the jones park *clubhouse will still be open through december will close for the holidays but be back open january fourth. it's a great place to get an education - - but today - mount mercy university - was also @decked out - for - christmas shopping. shopping.more than thirty local vendors - seseup for market at the mount - to sell crafts - food - and art. shoppers found everything from hand-made jewelry - to scratch - madede- cup-cakes.. everybody we talked with - say they're glad to see - the holiday on the hill - back for a second year. "it's the st time before christmas to come get your farmers market goods, and just support your local entreprenuers all together. and giving back and heing those entreprenuersp whether it be with busiss plans or marketing plans, those lala sesend sales that can really boost them at the end of the year is huge. " "mount mercy - hosted a
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following the gave the vendors a chance to pitch their businesses - and try to eaea some funding for a business web-site. in iowa city, more opportunities for holiday y shopping.the iowa city downtown district welcomed sixteen vendors for its "downtown holiday market."it's part of a growing number of ese events and prprrams happening in downtown iowa city. "we're just hoping that it becomes a downtown tradition. hopefully everybody that's already downtown enjoying the santa, the trolley and all the ototr events or shopping in general are just out and about and enjoy the holiday market too." too."the downtown holiday market is just gettinstarted this year. and organizers hope it'll be back for many years to come. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, help on the holidays. holidays.the way some kids at heart are making sure their this christmas. and - tough times - for pine needles in paradise. during a season when
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be growing - why theyeye sluggish* in some parts of the johnson paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to o t out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money,
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he's a rock.
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monday of to a great start with some fun throwback music! music!the oldies cover group divalicious will be here to o perform for r us!the fun starts monday on fox28 at 7am. join us monday county salvation army - can make christmas morning a lot brighter for some kids in the corridor.
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retirement community - just made a big donation - after collecting presents - for the last's all part of the toys for tots drive - to make sure very child - has a gift under the tree..those who donated - - say they hope it's contageous. " i just hope that people if they see this that they will consider doing it. i know theres boxes around different places, and just pick up a toy and put it in the box ." ."the johnson county salvation army - hopes to put a smile on the face of more than two thousand* children - who will open gifts - for christmas. it's winterfest in fairfax! it's that time of the year for the folks there to get together for all the fun - including a bilighted parade. that was the cherry on top of a day filled with all kinds of celebration. "we've been trying to build a
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because we're kind of always now have a bridge so we're trying to plan things and coordinate together." together."e evening inlucded the lighting of the fairfax christmas tree, followed by family caroling. lots of holiday celebrations all over the area and the for it. least on the warm side - - but we're about to see some very wet** changes. marissa scott is here - with
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many of you are probably enjoying the mild december weather.but in order for christmas tree farms to stay in business, the weather plays a huge factor on where they get their trees or how many they have to sell each year. year. "that's going to make grandma happy,"the fog and rain didn't keep bonnie may, her husband and grandsonsfrom searching for their christmas tree. tree. "we stopped here and we found the perfect tree."it's been a tradition for years... years... "he said it's a lot easier then cutting it down."to o t down their tree. tree. "it's become our tradition.
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were quite young."but because iowa has seen both wet and warmer winters, dan hoffman, the owner of hoffman tree farm in marion, says he's relying on tree farms up north so he won't run out of trees before christmas. christmas. "it takes about 10-12 years, even up to 15 years to grow a christmas tree, and unfortunately in the last ten years, we've had a number of wet years and my ground doesn't drain real well, so we've had hundreds of trees die, they just literally drown. he says they lost trees during the flood of 2008, and since trees take a long time to mature, his fields won't have as many trees as it did ten years ago.
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has been."being nice as it had this year, weather we've with the expecially kinda nice "it's year. year.tree this christmas pick out the christmas tree this year. year."it's kinda nice expecially with the weather we've had this year, being nice as it has been." hoffman says to make sure your tree lasts through christmas, cut about a half to an inch off the trunk, and feed it a gallon of water after you
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still ahead - on the fox 28 news at nine - - switzerland* on alert. alert.what police found - when they checked the vehicle - driven by two accused terrorists.
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in switzerland, police and the
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for a terrorist attack.. attack..two syrian* men - are under arrest - in geneva. mary maloney - - reports on what police - found in their vehicle. vehicle. swiss police have arrested two people after locating a vehicle and finding what authorities say are traces of exploses. "the swiss authorities are also saying that these two men are being investigated for possible ties to a terrorist organization." both individuals had syrian passports and were arrestededn suspspion of the manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases, according to swiss prosecutors. they were also arrested on the suspicion of viololing the prohibition of groups such as al qaeda, isis and similar organizations. "authorities are saying do expect there to be more searches in the coming days, do expect there to be more arrests in the coming days." authorities have been looking for at least two people with indirect links to suspects in the paris attacks, in which 130 people were killed.
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clear whether the geneva arrests are linked to those attacks.i'm mary maloney reporting. geneva is considered a possible target - because of meetings at the united nations.the u-s embassy - is warning americans - in switzeand - to be vigilant. in california, a 23-year-old d is in jail, suspected of firebombing a mosque about 80 miles from last weeks mass shooting in san bernardino. far, police e only calling carl dial a person of interest.worshippers at the mosque said a molotov cocktail-like device was thrown into the building yesterday afternoon.the fire was quickly put out and nobody was seriously injured. the sheriff says they're now looking into what could be a hate crime.dial is being held, but hasn't been charged yet. also in southern california - divers - searched a lake in san bernardino - for the third day.they're working - twelve hours shifts - following a grid - - attern - with metal detectors. investigators hope to find evidence - linked to the
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people dead.the shooters - - sye-ed fa- rook - - and taf-sheen malik - - may have visited the lake before the attack.reports indicate - the hard - drive to a computer in their home is missssg. drdring on california freeways can be scary for even the most skilled drivers, but things turn ula-scary qhen this happens.incredibly, the drdriver of this s-u-v safely walked away from this accident. firefighters say the man was traveling in san jose, when a metal ramp fell l truck was hauling, fell off - and crashed into his windshield. the driver was able to pull to the side of road and get out of the car.he walked away with just a scratch. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, star war finatics. finatics.the big artifact that's now resulting in a big
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criminals near the u-s border are getting sneaky with how ey're smuggling things - and people - into the country.police say a suspected human trafficker tried to basically replicate a border patrol truck in texas. authorities say, it looked pretty much identical, and only someone with a very trained eye could spot the difference. one border patrol agent *did. he pulled the driver over, arrested him and detained a dozen migrants. fifteen years o today - the u-s supreme court - ended - the hanging chad - - florida fiasco - - better
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.late on - december 12th - - the justices handed down their decision - in the land- mark case - - bush - v - gore.the court ordered - - that all hand re-counts - of disputed - ballots - - be halted**.florida's secretary of state - declared george -w- bush - the winner -- and ultimately - the winner of the national gore - conceded the next day - - - more than a month - after the election. new zealand voters have spoken -- and chosen a favorite design@for what could bece the country's new national flag. point five million voters turned out to show their preference for the future symbol of the island nation.more than ten thousand flag designs were submied after the governemtn started a search for the new flag this past summer.some, however, aren't too hap, saying they feel like the whole process is st being shoved into their face. "the problem sort of was it became one mans sort of pet fetish as opposed to a long considered opinion people will
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didn't have time to consider it properly." properly."the final choice of voters, is expected to be vealed next eek. check your closets -- check your basement.a "star wars" toy - made almost 40 ** years ago - just sold - for a price - that's - out of this world. world.a bidder paid - 25-thousand** dollars - for this - luke sky-walker action's rare - because - luke's - lightsaber - oke easily - - so they stopped** production.the original package - - also makes it priceless** to collectors.a japanese music and fashion mogul l - is selling his collection - from the film series.the auction - was timed to coincide - with "the force awakens" -- openin - next week. at nine - drying up. up.why christmas tree sales - are slow this season - - and what some e growers are saying
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new tonight, cleanup is underway in cedar rapids after a car went through a building. this is on eighth avenue southeast, right across from mercy medical center.the car has since been pulled out, but as you can see, the building was noticeably damaged.police say the call came in around seven tonight and they have no reports of any injuries. however, they tell us they don't yet know what caused this to happen. maybe you've already gotten your christmas tree, but some families are still out shopping. shopping.that's good news for dan hoffman, the owner of hoffman tree farm in marion. he says business h been slow this year. he says it could be bebeuse many of his customers - also hawkeye fans - went to
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weekend.of course, there's also the weather, which can make or break crops that e still years away from being ready to be cut. "once you get the seedlings going, now you hope for about 10-12 years of fairly normal growing conditions. not so much rain or r o dry either because we lost quite a few when we had the drought years. trees and plants can't go two to three months without rain." rain."hoffman says the warmer weather this year has *not impacted the trees at *his farm2 because he stores the trees in a barn which keeps them out of the sun, rain and wind. fog continues to cut visibility - - tonight - - across much of the corridor. corridor.and rain is coming ne.marissa scott is here -
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the panthers are prowling for a championship... through the north dakota state
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and a roughrider great returns to the stable... stay with c-b-s two for more... after winning praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congngss than any othth member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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seven straight... nobody in the country is plpling better than northern iowa... but to get that f-c-s championship the panthers dream about... they have to make a return trip to the fargo-dome... and this time.....hey have to finish the job... . mark farley's team lost by three to the bison back in october... early on... the offense was out for revenge... aaron bailey on the play fake... goes deep to the
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comes down with it... panthers score on their first drive... 7-0 me... it was 10-7 at the break... but the tide turned with the second half kickoff... somebody wrap up the guy in yellow... bruce anderson breaks free from about fourpanthers... and then he's gone... heartbreak on special teams for u-n-i... 14-10 was 21-13 late in the fourth... last chance for the panthers... but aaron bailey is under attack.. and down he goes... it's a safety for the bison... and that's the dagger... northern iowa goes down in fargo... 23 to 13 the final.. the offense just never really got going for the panthers... and their season ends in the f-c-s quarterfinals... that was anothegreat football game.... comes down to that kickckoff return... but i was proud of how our team battled all the way to the last onside kick... even though there were a couple times inhat footbaba game we were really faced with some tough spots... particularly on
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bitter end... there's a lot of things that we can take from because that's how this team was all season long... u-n-i men's hoops is locked in a battle at new mexico right now... late in the second half... the papahers are down closing minutes of this one... 69-57... it was just a pit stop before d storied college and professional career... but justin abdelkader made his mark as a roughrider... and tonight the detroit red wing returned to cedar rapids... abdelkader is the first roughrider to have h h number retired.... on top of that... the team handed out bobbleheads... abdelkader spent just one year as a roughrider... but scored 52 points in 60 games during the 2004-2005 season... and also led the riders to a clark cup championship... "first te backere in cedar rapids-- just real exciting, a lot of good memories here. it was a big year for me. first year away from home-- i was a seniorn high school... it was toh i came to a place where knew no one... but
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very warming here. it was kinda like a second come coming here to cedar rapids and... very excited to be back." coach carlson and his team did have a game totoplay tonight too...but things not looking good early... omaha's mitch perrault... with no pressure and plenty of room... fires away... that lights the lamp... the riders just too slow on that play... and then don't blink here... a scrum for the puck... a lancer shot... and then a rebound goal by j-c mclean... tt makes it 2-nothing lancers... the riders made it 2-1 before the end of the second... 4-1 lancers win it the final now to indoor soccer... the rampage at home agast the lwaukee wave... in the second quarter... 1-0 wave... and max ferdinand's gonna take it one-on-one... and now it's 2-0 milwaukee... took awhile for cedar rapids to get on the board... but they do here... alex megson centers it to semir mesanovic... that makes it a 2-1 game... the cell center was rockin'...but then it got quiet again...a man advantage for milwaukee e at the end of the halflf and sean
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the net...milwaukee goes on to win the match, 8-6... next in sports... we hit the hardwood... cornell and wartburg met on saturday afternoon... we have the
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in women's basketball... november and december don't matter much... it's february and march that really count... but so far this sson... wartburg and rnell are leaving quite an impression in division- three... the two schools met this afternoon... the rams are 4- 2... and the knights 5-1...
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start... nice backdoor cut from katie sommers... and she finishes at the rim... knights up eleven at half...but cornell came out firing after recess... diamond boyd cleaning up the mess in thehe paint... the rams cut that lead down to three.... until wartburg got hot again... good passing on the perimeter... and morgan neuendorf is money from deep... and then more sharpshooting... megan murphy in the corner... bullseye... wartburg wins it's fourth straight game, 75-62 the final.. now to the coe women... hosting 16th ranked wisconsin- whitewater... and the kohawks were fearless in the first half... here's former washington warrior aleena hobbs... straight to the cup for two... then later in the half... they continue to attack the rim... jenna lehman motors right around her defender and lays it up and in.. and then it was iowa city natiti mickey hansche's turn... she goes left and finishes off the glass... with some touch...but whitewater made a run in the second half... maa smith loses it... gets it back... and lays it up and in... coe goes down at home, 73 to 61...
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kirkwood up to number two in the division-two junior college polls... they hosted blackhawk today... and look at shakur triplett... playing like a beast down low... gets the friendly roll... so there's some inside play... how about some outside shooting... hunter rhodes... bombs away from deep... eagles regain the lead... later in the half... kaliph fagan... and his hair... knifing towards the rim... beautiful drive and bucket by the freshman... kirkwood wins big at home, 97-69... they're now 11-1 on the year... now to kennedy high school for the five seasons duals... prairie and alburnett in the finals.... tyler pasker bumped to heavyweight for the p- hawks... he wastes no time getting jake langhoff on the mat... that's points for prairie... and a win for pasker... 24-6 prairie... but e pirates made some headway at 120 pounds... ben moyer in control the whole way... moyer wins with the fall... alburnett cuts it to 31-12... it would get to 31-16... but t prairie's sam uthoff ended any chance of a pirate victory... uthoff gets a pin at 132... and the p-hawks beat
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five seasons duals... it's official... derrick henry is your 2015 heisman trophy winner... the bruising alabama running back edged out stanford's christian mccaffery in the voting... henry finished fourteen yards short of two-thousand for the season... that's a check of sports,
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merry christmas // //christmas is always a magical l me at the tannebaum forest in amana - but this year, there's some *extra love provided by *you. free will donations are being accepted at the door, and the proceeds are benefitting the university of iowa children's hospital. and the kids are pretty excited today - because santa made a stop there - he's pretty busy is time of year as you know, but if you want to visit the forest before it shuts down on december 20th, maybe you can catch a glimpse
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